Meet George Gently! – REHOMED!

George Gently is a 2 year old Chihuahua, currently with Friends of the Animals Wales. – REHOMED!

Let’s meet George!

EE604835-718B-4796-9C72-881D21EDA2E3BTD: Tell us about your rescue story.

George Gently: I may be gentle by name, but I am a small man of big contradictions. My original humans thought I was a bit of an accessory or a toy, and so I didn’t get to do many doggy things, and I have ended up being more bite than bark. Half the problem is that they made me so scared that I didn’t know what else to do. But the wonderful people at Friends of the Animals Wales are helping me find my way.

BTD: What are your favourite things?

George Gently: I love walks. Something I never used to get to do, as I spent so much of my time in a handbag, or on a lap, or gripped so tightly I thought my eyes would pop out. Really, the way people treat Chihuahuas needs some serious attention.

BTD: Do you like meeting other dogs on walks?

George Gently: Oh yes, I actually love meeting other dogs. It is such a new thing for me, but I am loving it. But I would probably like my house to myself, or maybe a female dog pal. Just so I don’t get myself into any bother as I am still learning to find my way.

BTD: Describe your ideal home.

George Gently: My ideal home would be a peaceful one. I have had so much stress in my short life that I long just to sit and relax with my human.

BTD: What does it mean to be part of Be That 30 for 30?

George Gently: That the best humans never give up on you. And they also never put you in a handbag.


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