Meet Pippa! – REHOMED!

Pippa is a distinguished Fox Terrier lady of 10 years, who found herself in rescue after her owner sadly passed away. She is currently with Terrier SOS UK and looking for another special human. – REHOMED!

Let’s meet Pippa!

A1565FC6-EA41-4461-9CF7-76D61F9FB31DBTD: Pippa, please tell us about how you found yourself in rescue.

Pippa: All the reasons to end up in rescue are not good, but my reason is especially sad. I was living a happy life in the UK and then an awful thing happened. My owner passed away. And I lost my best friend. I had hoped maybe I could stay in the family, but no-one in the family could take me, so I ended up in a shelter. I waited and waited, and then Terrier SOS came to my rescue.

BTD: What are your favourite interests?

Pippa: I like sniffing, ignoring people, judging other dogs, then ignoring other dogs, and also sleeping. My philosophy is that I do things my way. For my human, expect to be very happy, as long as you also like to do things my way. As soon as you realise that I am always right, then the world is our dog park.

BTD: Being a lady of utmost Fox Terrier elegance, do you have any beauty tips?

Pippa: Well, I think skin care is very important, especially for a Fox Terrier of my social standing. I have a bit of a sensitive skin (as do all aristocrats) and so I like to watch very carefully what I eat and my human will have to as well (watch what I eat, don’t watch me eat, that doesn’t seem very good table manners). But of course I didn’t say diet. A lady doesn’t have to diet. That word is not part of “doing things my way”.

BTD: What does it mean to you to be part of Be That 30 for 30?

Pippa: Robert Browning wrote a poem about me, “Pippa Passes”. He didn’t know it at the time, but it’s all about me. I’m a terrier, most things are all about me. But to take a line from his poem (all about me), I think this sums up what it will mean to be one of the 30 and to be adopted in the Be That 30 for 30 campaign … “All’s right with the world!”



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