30 for 30

Walks with Krissie

Keeping mentally and physically fit between walks is an important part of my routine.

Last time I posted about the important aprés-walk (namely, the sofa). In this post, I talk about how important it is to keep your mind and body in top shape between walks.

For this the best thing is regular tummy rubs. For this exercise you will need the following equipment: a human, a sofa, a tummy.

Tummy rub exercises are very important because they keep your human’s attention on you between walks, and they keep my tummy trim with a complete abdominal workout. It’s a bit like using one of those tummy vibration plate machines, only lovely, because my tummy rubs take place on the sofa. And I love the sofa.

Therefore, before you rush out to buy the latest vibration plate from the home shopping channel, just try getting your human to give you tummy rubs. And you don’t even need to plug them in!

If you would like to keep fit with me, please contact Friends of the Animals Wales to adopt me. Because I really love my walks … and my tummy rubs!


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