30 for 30

Walks with Krissie

A good walk should be followed by some sofa surfing.

Last time I posted about the important steps to preparing for a walk. This time I am addressing the all-important issue of post-walk behaviour.

What you do after a walk can be just as important as the walk itself. And that is why I always follow up my walks with some warming down time on the sofa. A rest on the sofa is always best when enjoyed with a pal as well. This could be my human, or my doggy pals (you can see a foot photobombing me in my picture).

That’s because warming down time is also a family affair for me. Walks are such wonderful bonding opportunities, I want to follow them up with some reassuring cuddles on the sofa.

Therefore, I recommend to everyone the following equipment for a walk – some kind of lead apparatus, plenty of treats, and a sofa. Because the follow-up is just as important as the preparation.

If you would like to share your sofa with me, please contact Friends of the Animals Wales to adopt me. Because I really love my walks … and my sofa!


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