Be That Rescue!

What is Be That Rescue?

Be That Rescue is a special campaign featuring some very wonderful rescue dogs and their equally wonderful rescue organisations. It started out in 2016 with a campaign to find 30 dogs, 30 homes, in 30 days

All the dogs in the campaign did some very special guest posts for Be That Dog (with a little help from the Be That dog team) and you can read all their stories in Meet That 30 For 30. And now it has developed into a permanent rescue campaign in the form of Be That Rescue. You can follow Be That Rescue on FacebookTwitter and on Instagram and see all the work of previous campaigns in the links below.

After the first great campaign, we are did it all again. 30 dogs, 30 days, 30 homes!

In the first campaign, 15 dogs found their homes. This is an amazing result, but we wanted to see an even better one in the next campaign. We wanted to help all the dogs find homes! Sadly a couple are still waiting.

Maybe that new home is with you! But even if you are not in a position to offer a home, there are plenty of ways you can help rescue dogs get home. Please keep sharing the dogs, sharing their stories, and get the word out. Rescue is amazing. And some amazing dogs want to meet you!