Meet Luna!

Luna is a 7 month old Pomeranian/German Spitz Klein puppy who is with Glendee Rescue while she waits for a new home.

Let’s meet Luna!

F301B9C4-2162-48CB-A01B-5C489EA2579EBTD: How did you end up in rescue?

Luna: I was surrendered by my owners. They thought I was too energetic and boisterous. But I am just a puppy. It left me very confused and I get quite worried when people leave me now.

BTD: How do you feel about things now?

Luna: I am a bit scared of new things, so I tend to tell everyone around me that I am scared. I am very scared of UFOs (untrustworthy frightening obstacles) … this pretty much covers everything that is new … people, dogs, plastic bags, you name it. I am very helpful and I bark at them to warn everyone around me (and to summon back-up). But I do actually like people, as long as they take their time and are patient with me. Although I don’t like people with hairbrushes, they tend to hurt, but as I am blessed with a rather luxuriant and spectacular coat, I am having to learn to like grooming.

BTD: And what about other dogs?

Luna: Except for the new UFOs, I actually really love dogs. In fact, I would even like to live with another dog, a nice and steady one, one that isn’t scared of UFOs and so could help me gain my confidence.

BTD: What are some of your favourite things?

Luna: Food. And treats. Which are a kind of food. But technically they are a whole new category.

BTD: What kind of human would you like?

Luna: I would like an understanding human, one that sees when I am struggling a bit and can give me the support I need and help build my confidence.

BTD: What does it mean to you to be a part of Be That 30 For 30?

Luna: That I may have been let down at first but now I can reach for the stars!

You can read all of Luna’s star-gazing stories in The Luna Effect.

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