All In Advent!

Join us here with all your stories and photos as we countdown to Christmas. When it comes to Christmas Cheer we are All In! #AllinAdvent

  • All in Advent Window 9! - December 9 window is one of good humour, say something nice instead of a rumour. Today, say something nice about someone to others. Sometimes at work or school or just among friends […]
  • All in Advent Window 8! - December 8 and a friendship mandate, open the window and make a date! Today, reconnect with an old friend. It’s really easy to lose touch with old friends, or take for granted […]
  • All in Advent Window 7! - December 7 and another window new. Here’s an act of kindness with much goodness it will do. Today, tell someone you are proud of them. Sometimes we forget to acknowledge the achievements […]
  • All in Advent Window 6! - It is December 6, which means another window to open onto the world! One more than five and not quite seven, today’s window will leave an impression … Today, help someone with […]
  • All in Advent Window 5! - December 5 and window number 5! The same number of players on a basketball team, today’s kindness is all about making someone beam! Today, make someone laugh. They say that one of […]
  • All in Advent Window 4! - December 4 and one window more! Here’s a kindness we adore! Teach someone something new. Those who *can* do teach! Teaching someone something new takes understanding, patience, and of course kindness! Teaching […]
  • All in Advent Window 3! - December 3 and window 3! Here is some kindness times three to spread for free! Give a compliment to the first three people you speak to today. There are lots of positive […]
  • All in Advent Window 2! - December 2 and window 2! Here is your second kindness … Today, give your favourite book to a friend. Sharing a favourite book is not only a generous and kind thing to […]
  • All in Advent Window 1! - It’s December 1st, which means it’s time to open your first window and receive your first gift of kindness … because spreading kindness and Christmas cheer really is a gift as well […]
  • All In Advent! - It’s the most wonderful time of year again. But for many it may not always seem like it. So why is it the most wonderful time of year? Because a little bit […]