All In Advent

All in Advent Window 14!

December 14, now just 11 days away. Time for some donations so that forward we may pay.

Today, gather donations for a worthy charity.

They say stuff can’t make you happy, but it can if you give it away. And what’s even better, it’s a happiness that lasts! Giving is good for you and can even make you live longer, and so in helping others you can be helping yourself as well. And you are helping the world too. Instead of just leaving things unused or worse, throwing them away, you are making doing good even more sustainable. It doesn’t have to be much, because every little something matters. So think about some of your local charity stores and what they might like to receive. And whether it’s clothes or toys or furniture or books or any number of things that might be useful and give pleasure to others, find a few things you know will make you so much happier if you just give them away.

And as you give your way to Christmas happiness, don’t forget to do good and share your stories in all the usual ways – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email – and give a little good.

All in Advent! Are you in? Because we are all in! 💖


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