Meet Pie!

Pie is a beautiful adult bull breed, currently with Glendee Rescue while he waits for his special human.

Let’s meet Pie!

D9ABFFBB-E127-42EF-8536-30C397612873BTD: How did you come to find yourself in rescue?

Pie: I was abandoned by my owner because I had a few health issues. I am not in any pain, and the wonderful people at Glendee will provide all the help needed for my new human. I would love a home of my own, but my rescuers would also be very happy if I could find a long-term foster. I have Canine Degenerative Myelopathy. There is no pain at all involved, it just means I may not be able to get around as well and eventually my hind legs won’t work very well at all. But it doesn’t get in my way, it just means that I might need a lot of places to sit down. At the moment though I am just fine.

BTD: Do you have any difficulty getting around?

Pie: I call it more a kind of quirky feature of mine, rather than a hindrance, but I have a rather distinctive gait. My back legs sometimes get up to things that my front end doesn’t really have a say in. But the important thing is that I can still jump onto the furniture. Especially sofas. But I don’t stop there. I also favour desks as well. I like a platform.

BTD: And how do you feel about people?

Pie: Love them. Can’t get enough of them. I could live with another dog but being on my own would be even better because then there is a completely clear path to getting all the attention. This would suit me very well.

BTD: What is your best feature?

Pie: Obviously I am very good-looking with this amazing Phantom of the Opera thing going on with my patch. I am also one super-chilled dude. Nothing wriggles my giggle or prickles my tickle, nothing puts a kink in my wink or a knot in my spot.

BTD: Do you have any faults?

Pie: I wouldn’t necessarily call them faults, but I have a couple of particular needs. Because of my CDM I have a little bit of trouble with the toilet. The truth is I cannot always tell if I am going. So, maybe my adopter or foster should have easy-clean floors. Or maybe get me a supply of Pampers (all other brands are also acceptable).

BTD: What kind of home would you like?

Pie: Someone who loves me, wants to be with me, understands me. And if my new home is near the rescue I can stay close to my vet as Glendee will cover vet bills, and Glendee will even offer daycare for me if my new human needs help with that too! Aren’t they amazing!?

BTD: How does it feel to be part of 30 for 30?

Pie: Awesome.

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