The Together Venture

July is Independent Retailers’ Month, so we are celebrating all the dogfriendly independent retailers out there with some fun features for July!

And this also got us thinking about how important it is for dogs to be able to go places together with their humans, and for humans to be able to go places with their dogs. So all this month in The Together Venture we are looking at the special dog-human bond and why being able to do things and go places together is so important.

We are featuring interviews with some very special dogfriendly businesses in A Nation of Shopkeepers. And if you would like to let us know about your dogfriendly business, email us at

All this month in Get It Together we report on the latest in dogfriendly business and the importance of the doggy customer and being able to go places and get it together.

And in Walks Of Life we report on the importance of the parks and walks for the human-dog bond and for the community, dogfriendly public transport, pet tourism, and why better dogfriendly access to green space and markets and more should be a big part of urban planning.

And all this month we are featuring our best pics, and spotting some of our pals as well, visiting all our favourite dogfriendly businesses in Ruff Customers. And if you’d like to share your photos as well, please tag us on Twitter or Instagram and add the hashtag #RuffCustomers as well. We can’t wait to see your photos!

So join us all July and celebrate independent shops and dogfriendly!


Cath Kidston, Covent Garden!