Meet Bolt! – REHOMED!

Bolt is a 2 year old Boxer with Friends of the Animals Wales. Congratulations to Bolt who has now found a home!

Let’s meet Bolt!

30663179-FC68-499F-A216-9D6D3EC40196BTD: What is your rescue story?

Bolt: I was found wandering in Cheshire. I was extremely emaciated, just skin and bones. I was so thin that I still worry about where every meal is coming from. I am happy to share food, but I will steal any I can find.

BTD: What are your special skills?

Bolt: I am housetrained and I travel well in the car.

BTD: How’s your social life?

Bolt: I get along well with other dogs. And I like to chase cats. But apparently they don’t like it. So although I really like them (well, chasing them), it is an unrequited love. And so I don’t think I should live with cats. I can live with parrots though. I FA55230E-8E7F-406F-A618-278656AE4164think I should also count that as one of my special skills.

BTD: Describe your ideal home.

Bolt: My ideal home will be one where I can sleep on all the sofas.

BTD: What is your best feature?

Bolt: My ability to fly (sort of).

BTD: What does being part of Be That 30 for 30 mean to you?

Bolt: A real chance to fly.



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