About That Dog

Welcome to Be That Dog! the site dedicated to a dog’s eye view on life, behaviour, everything!

Join us on our adventures and experiences, and maybe for a bit of dog wisdom along the way on behaviour, learning, and happiness.

It’s a dog’s life, so a dog should tell it!

Posts are from Aubrey Beardsley (the Pyrenean Sheepdog), Huw Le Lytle (the Bedlington Terrier), Jefferson Airplane (the Border Terrier X Yorkshire Terrier), and Howard Spring (Parson Russell Terrier), with a bit of help from the kitties, Bulldog Drummond, Kitty Pryde, Poly Styrene and Lora Logic. 

You can also find us on Instagram and Twitter (@BeThatDog) and on Facebook too!

We dedicate Be That Dog! to the memory of Finnegan Otterhound, who sadly lost his 9 month battle with lymphoma, 9 September 2015, at only 5 years of age. Finnegan’s motto was always “be that dog”! He showed the world never to make assumptions on breed, size, or hair-cut. He maintained that in life, and in learning, the best place to start is with kindness. For the short time he was here, he really did change his bit of the world.

Be that dog!


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  1. I will never forget Finnegan Otterhound. He made my days so fun. I would be at work and have a minute and read his posts and feel happy. Or see his things first thing in the morning and start my day with Finnegan. I never met him but I sure did love him.

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  2. The memory of Finnegan lives on in so many hearts. He created community wherever he went and his light shines on.
    Thank you Human for sharing your boy with the world and continuing to share Aubrey, Huw, Leo and the kitties .
    Molly, Johnny, Louie and Shirley

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