That's Jeffervescent!

Going Underground!

That’s Jeffervescent! – by Jefferson Airplane



This is our official Transport for London cushion.

It is a replica of an original Crufts poster from way back when Crufts was still just up the road in Angel Islington in the Royal Agricultural Hall! And in fact, this is where Crufts premiered in 1891.

The Royal Agricultural Hall has long since been converted to the Business Design Centre. It is actually a Grade II listed building and opened a very long time ago in 1862. And believe it or not, when it was built it was one of the largest exhibition halls in the world! But now it is too small even for Discover Dogs. But lots of other exciting things happen there, like the London Art Fair, which is London’s largest annual contemporary art fair.

Anyway, apart from being very comfortable, the cushion also tells you how to get to there by Tube … also known as the Underground. I haven’t been on the Tube yet, but I have been on the train and in a London Black Cab.

All of London’s public transport is dog-friendly. So dog-friendly, in fact, that all through the London Underground are signs that say that dogs must be carried on the escalators. But I still see people travelling on the escalators without dogs, so I guess perhaps it isn’t strictly enforced.

Finnegan Otterhound was always too big to be carried, but legend has it that the wonderful staff at both South Kensington Station (a huge intake of passengers at South Kensington meant that Human and Finnegan decided to disembark early before they reached the station with the stairs, only to discover that South Kensington has no stairs) and the super busy Oxford Circus Station (because Human couldn’t read the stairs map) both stopped escalators (and commuters!) for him so that he could exit the Tube Stations like the superstar that he was. Now that is the red carpet, dog-friendly London experience!

Dog-friendly Transport for London? That’s Jeffervescent!



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