Woof Weekly

Woof Weekly!

Welcome to our new weekly ruff roundup, Woof Weekly!

Find out everything in park and society news, fashion favourites, celebrity dog gossip and more!

And you can take part! Each week we will feature a friend in our Be That Hot Dog section. Send us your best pic in your favourite gear with #BeThatHotDog to Twitter or Instagram @BeThatDog or post it to Facebook @BeThatDog or email us at woof@bethatdog.com – and don’t forget the hashtag! #BeThatHotDog

The World This Week (our week in pictures)

The Six Must-See Woof Looks of the Week

Huw Wore It Better

B**** Stole My Look!

Aubrey Beardsley v Zac Efron

Hot Dog Ticket

img_7239This week in dog-friendly …

We salute London cabbies!

London Black Cabs are not just London icons. They are almost 100% dog-friendly. Of course, you need to ask the individual driver, but so far we have never been refused carriage, even in the rain! We love the London cabbies! And we have all ridden like superstars in the original and the best chariot in the world … the Hackney carriage.

So a big shout out to London cabbies and thank you for being dog-friendly!



A Little Beddie Told Me … by Huw Le Lytle

Huw Le Lytle brings us all the latest gossip and intrigue from dog society …

This week, Lisa Vanderpump hosted a glamorous gala for her dog charity, the Vanderpump Dog Foundation Gala. Rumour has it that there were a few noted absentees amongst her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars, including Lisa Rinna, Eileen Davidson, and Erika Jayne. So they are now off our list as well!

Oprah Winfrey has asked Santa Claus for a $395 personalised dog blanket. But I see nothing wrong with that!

And comedian Rémi Gaillard is going to lock himself in a kennel of a French dog shelter until all 300 dogs currently living at the shelter are adopted. Rémi is trying to raise €50,000 for the rescue. And if you want to see how he goes, he is livestreaming the entire event on Facebook!


Be That Hot Dog!

For all our fans and friends out there!

Next week we will be adding the Be That Hot Dog feature! Send in your pooch pic showing off your best style and tell us a bit about yourself using Twitter or Instagram @BeThatDog with #BeThatHotDog or post to Facebook @BeThatDog or email us at woof@bethatdog.com and we will feature a new stylish friend every week! Don’t forget the hashtag! #BeThatHotDog 



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