That's Jeffervescent!

There’s No Time Like the Christmas Present!

That’s Jeffervescent! – by Jefferson Airplane

This is my first Christmas jumper. I suspect it is merely the first of many …

Yes, it is November, but we all wanted a bit of sparkle. And I say there’s no time like the Christmas present!

So we cracked open the Christmas blankies. And we got some new baubles. And we also got some new Christmas jumpers. And when I saw Rudolph’s nose I just couldn’t resist. A bit like Veruca Salt, I don’t care how, I want it now!

Apparently, in 2012, The Daily Telegraph said that the Christmas jumper was “this season’s must have”. I’m not sure what has happened since then. But anyway, I must have it. And it’s cold, so really, the Christmas jumper just makes good sense. And if you want to see the “season’s must have” in a Christmas movie masterpiece, then I recommend Chevy Chase in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. He is someone who can really bring the Christmas jumper to life.

But the real resurgence of the jumper is probably down to Bridget Jones’s Diary. Between the Christmas jumper and fluffy white shirts, Colin Firth has really been an important ambassador for ironic British fashion. And also for swimming in ponds and fountains, but luckily for the ducks, this hasn’t caught on as much.

A jumper with a nose? That’s Jeffervescent!


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