Cup of Kindness

A Cup of Kindness

It’s officially the season to be jolly! And it wouldn’t be a jolly season without our very special Be That Dog tradition of the New Year Tree.

This year our inspiration is that wonderful poem by Robert Burns, Auld Lang Syne, and the tree is taking cups of kindness for everyone for the New Year. This year, for every message of kindness, we are hanging that message in a special cup on the tree. And the cups are coming from charity stores all over the place so that the kindness keeps circulating!

The messages of kindness come in all shapes and cups. You can send in a thank you for a special kindness you’ve been grateful for this year. Or you can hang a pledge for an act of kindness that you will do this year. Maybe it’s to volunteer at your local animal shelter, or visit a neighbour who might be lonely, or to adopt a kitty! Or maybe it’s a kindness that you simply wish to put out there into the world. And we will be pledging some kindnesses too! We can’t wait to share those with you.

You can take part in lots of different ways. You can email us your message of kindness for the cup, or you can mail us a message, or you can share it with us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. And please make sure you add #CupofKindness so we know it’s a message for the tree!

And if you’d like your cup of kindness messages shared in the special New Year’s Day Post, make sure you let us know!

Let’s make it a wonderful New Year. We could all take a cup of kindness.

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