30 for 30

The Sooty and Sweep Show

Episode 4: Nothing Every Happens

We have been waiting for a new home, but we wait and wait, but nothing every happens. Because nothing happens.

Nothing has been happening. Nothing interesting or exciting to us. No new home. But being the enterprising terriers that we are, we have decided to make something happen. Sooty has found a stick, which is a magic wand. And Sooty is going to use his magic wand to turn a dream into a reality. We are going to conjure up the perfect human. This is a human that thinks terriers are awesome (of course), especially Border Terriers (absolutely) and wants a double dose of wonderful by adopting us together. Sweep is then going to write all about it when we get adopted and he is going to call it, “Something that happened to me that was interesting.”

Because being adopted wouldn’t just be interesting. It wouldn’t just be exciting. It would be absolutely wonderful!

Would you like to make something happen for two adorable little rescue terriers? Then please contact Terrier SOS UK to adopt us!


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