Tails A-Wagging, with Cassie

During the Be That 30 for 30 campaign, all the 30 for 30 dogs will be guest bloggers for Be That Dog in Meet That 30 for 30!

Here you can meet Cassie. One of Cassie’s favourite things is to wag her tail to show everyone how much she loves them. Read more here on how Cassie gets everyone’s tail a-wagging!

  • Tails A-Wagging, with Cassie - I am a wire-haired girl, full of energy! My tail never stops talking. You might even say I’m a “wiggle tail”. But that puts me in very good company indeed, because Diana […]
  • Tails A-Wagging, with Cassie - This weekend was amazing! As you may know, I am in Norfolk, but the main part of the rescue is in South-East London. This means I do not get to see the […]
  • Tails A-Wagging with Cassie - As you may know, I’ve been waiting to be adopted for 500 days! Even more now, but who’s counting? I certainly won’t because it will make me sad. Nobody can understand why […]
  • Tails A-Wagging, with Cassie! - My tail spreads joy! A human called WH Auden once said, “In times of joy, all of us wished we possessed a tail we could wag.” Well, you are in luck, I have […]
  • Tails A-Wagging, with Cassie - Please set my tail a-wagging! Have you every heard of the expression, the tail wagging the dog? Well, apparently it means something small and unimportant is changing the world for something bigger […]
  • Tails A-Wagging, with Cassie - This week I set tails a-wagging again. Part of my charisma is down to my good looks. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, maybe I have, but I am very good-looking. […]
  • Tails A-Wagging, with Cassie - This week I have had a very good reason to be wagging my tail. I had a spa day! Having a spa day gave me lots of opportunities for my favourite thing, […]