30 for 30

Tails A-Wagging with Cassie

As you may know, I’ve been waiting to be adopted for 500 days!

Even more now, but who’s counting? I certainly won’t because it will make me sad.

Nobody can understand why I keep getting overlooked. So I decided to see if I could resolve this mystery and I know that for every serious and complicated problem, everything can be resolved by a Wikihow.

First, it tells me to speak up. Well, I don’t know how I could wag my tail any more loudly! Whenever someone visits me, my tail is almost shouting. I almost wag myself into orbit. There is an ancient story from Guatemala that says that the first dog witnessed the creation of the world and was so excited, he went around and told everybody. So the Creator thought this would have to stop (obviously this was before social media and wanting lots of likes) and the Creator swapped that dog’s head for his tail and that’s why we now wag whenever we want to speak. And so, I wag and wag and wag. But nobody seems to hear me.

Then, it tells me to change my perspective. Well, short of swapping my head back with my tail I am not sure how to do that. I have moved countries, I have found out that there are wonderful humans as well as wicked ones. I guess one thing is that I am not such a big fan of other dogs, and I am looking for a home on my own. But if I change my perspective on that I would have to share the cuddles, so I think I will stand firm with that. I think it is the humans that should be changing their perspectives. Everybody seems to want a purebred Wire Fox Terrier, not a purely amazing Wire Fox Terrier cross like I am. Humans are a confusing bunch. I don’t get what they are on about. Don’t they want something special?

Then it says to examine my abilities. I think it’s high time a human comes and examines my abilities. I have a tail that can wag at ludicrous speed, I can leap tall buildings (possibly medium-sized fences actually) with a single bound (so a secure garden please), and I can chase cats into the next dimension (no cats please).

That just leaves me with whether it is me. Is there something wrong with my personality? Well, I’ve checked, and it’s awesome. I am just lovely. So it’s definitely you, not me. *chuckle*

Please be the one who stops, notices me, and takes me home! That will make you just as special as I am. And then together nothing will stop us! Please contact Terrier SOS UK to adopt me!



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