30 for 30

Henry’s Search for the Green, Green Grass of Home

It’s spring, it’s time to tend those lawns! Because I am looking for some home turf!

I love feeling the grass beneath my feet. I spent the early part of my life in a cage and grass was a complete mystery to me.

I am a bit like a lawn. Left to my devices my hair will get very long and will need a mow (so I do need regular grooming). I need regular feeding and encouragement, not just dog food but kindness and love and play as well. There are many important ways to nourish a doggy pal. And newly sown lawns should be left in peace for a little while. I am a bit like that. Going from a life in a cage to a life at large, I need time and to take things slowly. I am like a new lawn in its first season, please don’t try and to do too much with me or you will be struggling with patches all next season.

If you would like to take care of me and see me flourish like the lawns of Wimbledon, then please contact Terrier SOS UK to adopt me!


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