30 for 30

Tails A-Wagging, with Cassie

I am a wire-haired girl, full of energy!

My tail never stops talking. You might even say I’m a “wiggle tail”. But that puts me in very good company indeed, because Diana Ross used to get called wiggle tail as a child, because she was known as a “wiry kid full of energy.”

Diana Ross was in the Supremes and is a legendary “dreamgirl.” It’s amazing, isn’t it, just how much Diana Ross and I have in common?!

But despite my superstar connections to a mighty pop diva, “I’m Still Waiting” for a home, but I’m sure “It’s My Turn.” Lots of my friends are finding homes so surely there will be a “Chain Reaction” and I will be next! I just have to think of “Home.”

If you would love your very own superstar in the family, please contact Terrier SOS UK to adopt me. And get ready for Wiggle Tail!



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