30 for 30

Tails A-Wagging, with Cassie

Please set my tail a-wagging!

Have you every heard of the expression, the tail wagging the dog? Well, apparently it means something small and unimportant is changing the world for something bigger and important … the dog, and that’s me.

I guess this means that people may think that adopting me is a small thing. And it may be a small thing. But it is a small thing that would change my world in enormous ways. I have been in rescue now for almost 2 years. And I have been waiting and waiting in kennels all that time. I would be so overjoyed to be adopted. I think I might wag myself inside out with happiness.

So if you really want to see the most amazing demonstration of a tail wagging a dog, then please contact Terrier SOS UK to adopt me! And change my world!


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