30 for 30

Walks with Krissie

The secret to a good walk is preparation.

And that is why I always make sure my human packs a picnic. It is very important not to run out of treats while out on a walk.

Preparation is key. There are several important steps to good treats management. The first step to any good walk is via the treats cupboard. I always stop there first, just in case my foster human forgets to pack the treats. Of course that has never actually happened, because my foster human is quite wonderful.

The second step is devising the freight logistics. Treats can be carried in a variety of different ways. They can be carried in your human’s pocket (I call this the standard package), or in a dedicated treats bag (I call this the deluxe package), or in my stomach (I call this the highly successful package). I have even heard that some dogs carry their own treats in a pocket on their harness or coat (I call this the frustrating package).

Whatever way your human decides to carry the treats, just make sure they are carrying them!

Would you like to share treats with me on a walk? If you would, please contact Friends of the Animals Wales to adopt me. Because I really love my walks … and my treats!


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