30 for 30

The Sooty and Sweep Show!

Episode 1: A Very Special Day

It’s a very special day in the Sooty and Sweep household, we are embarking on our journey to find a new home!

We are busy packing our bags (mostly full of bones if we are honest, as we really don’t have very much) even though we are not yet sure where to go.

One place we would love to go to is the beach! But we don’t have to live there, we just love to visit. And maybe we don’t even have to visit, we could just play in a sandpit. And maybe we don’t even need a sandpit, we could just sit on the sofa with our new human and watch Blue Hawaii.

Because we don’t have to go away to have a fun time. The best place we can be is home. And it is the one place we are yet to visit.

If you would like to offer us a home with you, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Terrier SOS to adopt us!


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