30 for 30

Kika’s Tail of Adventures!

I’m feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!

I might have missed out on finding a home in the November Be That 30 for 30, but I have a really good feeling that I am going to find my home this time!

I have now been waiting in rescue for over a year! Time really flies when you have fantastic volunteers looking after you, and the kennels are great, but I would really love to be in a home.

I keep getting overlooked and I am not really sure why. I am super friendly, super loving, super cute. In fact, I have all the making of a super dog! And I think if I got adopted, my tail may wag so much that I might even discover I have the super power of flight as well!

In fact, I am the real life Underdog! Saving the world, one paw at a time!

So if you would like to be the fairytale ending to my very long wait in rescue, and live with your very own super dog, then please contact Terrier SOS UK to adopt me!


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