30 for 30

Ride, Sally, Ride!

I’m Sally, and I just want to put my flat feet on some home ground. My own home ground!

I’m a big girl with modest dreams. All I want is a home of my own.

My story did not start out very well. I was running all over the town (well, a field actually) in Romania. And one of these early mornings, there I was, Little Big Sally Walker sitting in the sun, crying and weeping for someone to come. And luckily for me my rescuers came and said, “Rise up, Sally, and wipe away your fears.” So I turned to the east, I turned to the left, and finally I turned to the ones that loved me the best. My rescuers! Now I have my chance to put my flat feet on the ground with my new human in a real home! Maybe my new human is you. We could form our own soul band.

If you can offer me some home ground, please adopt me. Please contact Oakwood Rescue to adopt a dog with soul!





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