30 for 30

A Betty Life

My guide to a Betty life!

I am right at the beginning of my new life, a good life, a Betty life!

How does one get a Betty life, you ask? Luckily for you, dear reader, I am going to provide a comprehensive guide to achieving a Betty life.

In this, my first instalment of A Betty Life, I am going to talk about the importance of good communication. And by this, I really mean the importance of being able to ask for help. You see, I am just at the start of learning about life, friends, and the big, wide world. Before my rescue, I had seen and known very little indeed. Now I am learning about walks, and other dogs, and collars and leads. It is quite a lot of new information to take in.

The secret to being able to ask for help is to have people who understand that it is all right to make mistakes, get confused, and try again. I have fantastic rescuers and all the people at Glendee are ready to answer my questions whenever I ask them. Sometimes traffic goes by and it is very loud. I stop and look and wonder and worry, but my rescuers   let me know everything is ok. Sometimes I get a little confused about walking on the lead, and I stop and ask my rescuers what to do, and they help me and let me go at my own pace (with some yummy treats along the way).

The secret to communication is not just asking the right questions, it is having a lovely human who gives you the confidence to ask.

Would you like to answer all my questions? If you would like to adopt me, please contact Glendee Rescue and we can talk about the big, wide world all day long.



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