30 for 30

Aslan’s Beautiful Laundrette

I really love laundry.

I also love the sofa. my wonderful foster humans put down blankies and rugs on top of the sofa so I can lie on them. They say it is so I do not make the sofa dirty. But it is really just another great way to make more laundry. And I really love laundry.

I just need to think of ways to stay dirty before I get on the sofa. I go to a lot of work to make myself muddy and fabulous on a walk, but I get cleaned and brushed when I get home. This is really no good at all. It really will not do. It is simply no good for making the sofa blankies dirty and creating more laundry. And I really love laundry.

But when I think about it, snuggling with my foster human on the sofa is even better than laundry. It’s amazing.

If you love laundry as much as I do, and if you love snuggling even more, then please contact Friends of the Animals Wales to adopt me. I have been waiting for a long time and I would love to find a home. I would love that even more than laundry. So please adopt me! … But please make sure you put a load of washing on before I arrive.


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