30 for 30

Bubbles, Welcome to the Girl World!

My independence is important to me, and that’s why I assemble my own flat pack furniture .

There are a lot of advantages to putting together your own flat pack furniture. First, flat pack furniture comes in boxes and this means there is plenty of cardboard to shred afterwards. Secondly, flat pack furniture is economical, which means lots of change for dog treats. And finally, and most important of all, being able to put together your own furniture reduces your risk of having Nick Knowles turn up for a visit (although Billy Byrne would be ok).

My foster family says I am amazing at home DIY. I can carry a screwdriver, I can walk on all the pieces, and I can fall asleep on the cardboard. Bu my favourite part of DIY is just hanging out with my humans. In fact, that’s flat pack furniture’s biggest advantage of all.

If you would like to assemble flat pack furniture with me, then please contact Friends of the Animals Wales to adopt me!


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