30 for 30

Meet the Dogs of Be That 30 For 30!

They’re here! We are very excited to announce the 30 dogs of April’s Be That 30 For 30!

What a beautiful and wonderful bunch of dogs! And what a privilege to work with some amazing rescue organisations … Terrier SOS UK, Oakwood Dog Rescue and International Dog Rescue, Glendee Rescue, and Friends of the Animals Wales.

Well, ok, there are actually 32. Chouquette and Donnie are back looking for a home together (so they have been counted as one) and new faces, Sooty and Sweep, the Border Terrier X brothers, have also been counted because even though they could be rehomed separately, they would like to be adopted together.

We have a few dogs that are joining us again. Although lots of dogs found homes during the November campaign, some were overlooked. So we want to work extra hard to help these dogs find a home in the April campaign – Aslan, Blossom, Bubbles, Cassie, Chouquette and Donnie, Foxy, Gessy, Henry, Kika, Smurf, Storm, and Teifi. Please get sharing!

And we have lots of new faces, with lots of different stories, but one very important thing in common. They are all looking for homes.

You can read interviews with all the dogs and there is a contact form at the bottom of each interview if you would like to send a message to any of the dogs or ask any questions about adoption. All adoptions will be arranged by the rescue organisation looking after the dog. All the dogs will be guest bloggers all through April as well, so don’t forget to follow all their stories, collected in Meet That 30 For 30.

How can you help?

There are lots of ways. Even if you are not in a position to adopt a dog, you can share their stories, share their appeals, and even contact the rescues to find out more about how to help this wonderful work.

So please, read their posts, share their stories, and help get these dogs into loving homes. As our very own Aubrey Beardsley said, rescue can be a bit of a lottery and so it is really important to do what we can to improve the odds for these wonderful dogs.

Rescue. It’s not just a dog. It’s a whole life!


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