30 for 30

The Grandmother of Europe

I am Queen Victoria, the grandmother of Europe!

As you may know from my first post, I started life in less than auspicious circumstances. I was actually living in a Spanish ravine (which is not a type of resort in Benidorm) and fending for myself and my puppies and grand-puppies. At night I would close my eyes and think of rescue … which actually turned out to be England.

So I am here in the UK, enjoying this marvellous weather, and wondering what adventures is now ahead of me. Some may say the road to adoption will be a challenging one. I am an older lady (around 8 or 9). I am not a fancy pedigree. And I am a black dog. To all that I say this, “We are not interested in the possibilities of defeat. They do not exist.”

Think of the amazing journey we could have together. I would go from a life on my wits, to a life on your sofa. And you … you would be living with a Queen!

If you would like to have some royal connections, please contact Terrier SOS UK to adopt me!


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