30 for 30

The Luna Effect

Are you ready for some Luna magic?

The Luna effect is so widely recognised that there have even been occasions where police officers have prepared for it! I wonder how everyone is preparing for me this summer?

The Luna effect is said to be linked to unexplainable events. I certainly have had my share of unexplainable events. First, I was surrendered to rescue for being a playful puppy. Secondly, I am still here waiting for a home. And thirdly, I am STILL here waiting for a home!

So if you think there is going to be trouble linked to the Luna effect this summer, I can tell you there will be if you keep me waiting much longer. Because no-one adopting me yet is the strangest sort of behaviour you could imagine! I am delicious.

If you would like some Luna magic in your life, please contact Glendee Rescue to adopt me!


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