Come in from the cold …

By Leopold Bloom


Those who know me know I like my comforts. And in my maturity and wisdom, I’m also not afraid to let Human know what I want, with a full repertoire of Leo melodies.

I sing when I’m hungry, when I’m thirsty, when I’m lonely, and, most importantly, when I’m cold.

Now, people out there may say, oh but dogs can live outside, dogs can brave the elements, dogs are descended from wolves.

Well, to those people I say, we are not wolves, we are dogs. If you can remember with any relevance what you were doing 33,000 years ago, and think you are anything like that now, then get back to me. Meanwhile, I like to remind people who leave their dogs outside in the cold that they are inexplicably and unjustifiably ignoring the fact that there are about 15,000 years worth of the wisdom of domestication behind my choice to cry until Human puts me in my fleece onesie.

We’re dogs. And in this terrier’s humble opinion, we know a thing or two about getting comfortable. After all, we saw humans, recognised how wonderful cooperation could be, put our heads in your laps, and domesticated ourselves.

And why did we domesticate ourselves? Because we were cold!

So bring us inside, and enjoy the warmth of a friendship that is 15,000 years strong!





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    • What a wise boy you were, Leo! Was that your full name, Leopold Bloom?,beautiful! As were you! Beautiful inside and out! And yes, you learnt how to domesticate your human, as my dogs and cats have done with me! I don’t think either of us has got to this point by kicking and screaming! We enjoy your companionship , rely on it, as you do ours! We don’t make bad teams, do we? Night night, sweet Leo! Sleep tight, god bless, and yes, everyone loves Leo! Run free with your gorgeous lively brother! Hope you’ve taken some warm clothing, or is it warm where you are? Sobbing again for you, baby! Love you!

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