To The Rescue!

We are launching a brand new feature on Be That Dog!

To the Rescue!

We are very excited to be launching To The Rescue, a brand new, regular feature on animal rescue organisations and some of their very special dogs looking for homes. We have readers all around the world, so we will be featuring rescues from everywhere.

To the Rescue will be a regular article, focusing on a different animal rescue each time. A very special part of the article will be a feature on one or more of the dogs currently with the rescue and looking for a home.

If you would like your rescue featured, please email us at with a few of the details on your rescue. Or you can use the form on the To The Rescue page. Especially useful are some brief details on the rescue, contact details and a website or Facebook page, and some photos and background of the dog or dogs you would like featured in the article. We will write up the editorial which will be published on the website and on Facebook, as well as publicised via Twitter and Instagram.

We look forward to helping you get the word out about some of the amazing dogs waiting for a home.

Rescue rocks and Be That Dog wants to help come to the rescue!



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