That's Jeffervescent!

Jeff in Glove

That’s Jeffervescent! – by Jefferson Airplane

It’s getting colder! So the gloves will soon be coming out.

Like thick walking socks, gloves are another delicacy of the winter weather that I plan to enjoy.

I tend to take just one at a time, which can be awkward if you are committed to the idea of gloves in pairs. Although Human tends to retrieve the gloves (or glove) before I can get a good taste.

But really I am just being helpful. I want to make sure Human is prepared for any unscheduled visits by the Queen. One should never wear gloves in the presence of royalty … or helmets and gauntlets … so I might have a look around for those too. Not sure how chewy they are though.

And apparently a cat in gloves catches no mice, which you might say is another reason to hide them. Although such a glove-wearing cat mightn’t care as she’d probably be a bit of an internet sensation already, and too busy to worry mice. But the saying is supposed to mean that if you’re too polite you won’t get anywhere with some people. Well, I’m not sure I agree entirely with that. I tend to handle everyone with kid gloves. There’s a much greater chance of a new friend that way. And I think if you’re a mouse then you’d probably be pleased for such a polite cat.

The gloves are off! That’s Jeffervescent!


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