Howard's Way Ahead

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Howard’s Way Ahead – by Howard Spring

Today I discovered that there are some curious pumpkin outfits in the shops because everyone turns into a pumpkin in October, that the Christmas decorations are in the shops and so I should probably start checking the chimney for Santa again, that this means some people will start talking turkey soon but Human will simply veg out, that some trucks talk while they are driving backwards, that some little sweeping trucks talk while they are driving forwards along the pavement, that some computer thingies talk when I bark at them, that maybe the machines are going to rise up and have a symposium, that I will probably sleep through it though, that half the reason Human has a big desk in the Lookout Library is so there is always enough sleeping room for Bulldog Drummond and me, that we all like to spend all day in the Lookout Library with Human, that looking out it is beginning to look a lot like winter and that’s some pumpkins!


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