30 for 30

Henry’s Search for the Green, Green Grass of Home

All I want is to find the green, green grass of home.

I really love playing in the grass. Long grass, short grass, wet grass … it’s all amazing after spending most of my former life in a cage.

But there is something else I love almost as much as rolling in the grass. It is the soft, soft sofa of home. I have heard all these stories of dogs that have sofas and I thought it was just a legend. But in rescue I have discovered that the legend is real. Dogs can get on the sofa and the sofa is amazing.

So I am looking for a wonderful home with green grass to roll in, a sofa to lie on, and humans to cuddle. That is the place for me!

If you would like to share a sofa with me, then please contact Terrier SOS UK to adopt me!


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