30 for 30

Chouquette and Donnie, Let’s Stick Together

Smiles with Donnie, by Chouquette.

Many ask us the secret of our wonderful bond. I think the real secret is that friends who play together, stay together. Donnie wasn’t playing with any of the other dogs in rescue. He was keeping to himself, shy and withdrawn. But then I arrived and everything changed. It’s hard to explain, but sometimes two dogs just meet each other and it is like we have already shared a whole history together.

And then we started to play. Play isn’t just for fun. Play makes everyone happier,  healthier, and almost certainly wiser. And if you play and laugh it can do more good than anything else when it comes to feeling better and stronger. So, meeting Donnie hasn’t just made us both happier. We have probably also saved each other’s lives.

And so now we stick together, through thick and thin, through pleasure and play, and most importantly of all, through smirks and smiles. We may still be waiting for a home, and sometimes I worry we might wait forever. But we are not poor Chouquette and poor Donnie. We are together. It is just like Oscar Wilde said, “Who, being loved, is poor?”

And together we are two of the richest dogs around.

If you would like us to share our riches with you, please contact Terrier SOS UK to adopt us! We belong together, just like peaches and cream! And just like laughter and smiles.

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