The New Year Tree

The New Year Tree

This Christmas we are starting a new tradition … #TheNewYearTree

img_7801We want to see the New Year in with all of you.

So we are starting our new tradition of the New Year Tree and we would love you to take part.

We have pals all over the world, and we want to share the season with everyone, no matter how far away you might be. So we are inviting everyone to send a short thought to hang on the New Year Tree.

So, be it a message or a motto, a picture or a poem, a single word or a saga, a resolution or a recap, a memory of the year or a memory of forever, a wish or a wonder … we want to share the season with our pals.

We will hang all the messages on the New Year Tree, which has a special place in the Lookout Library, and we will bring all the messages together in a special post on Be That Dog on New Year’s Day. So we can all share New Year’s Day!

So please join us so we can see the New Year in together!

Please send your messages any which way you like with the hashtag #TheNewYearTree – tweet us @BeThatDog or post or message us on Facebook or email us at or you can even mail it to us at Be That Dog, PO Box 73042, London, N1P 1TH

Let’s see the New Year in together! And let’s make it a very happy one indeed!


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