A Very Terrier Christmas

A Very Terrier Christmas

The Advent Calendar Diary of Jeff and Howard as they countdown to their first Christmas!

A Very Terrier Christmas!


Day 1: Jeff discovers that the best parts about decorating are the bubble wrap and the tinsel races.

Day 2: Howard uses his head and resolves the warm light versus white light dilemma once and for all.

Day 3: Howard wears a Christmas jumper.
Day 4: Howard contemplates roasting his chestnuts on an open fire.
Day 5: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer has a very sleepy Howard.
Day 6: Howard takes to disappearing under the tree completely for naps.
Day 7: Jeff decides that the Christmas tree is no place for a fox and now the fox is no place to be found.


Wishing you a very Terrier Christmas!


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