Special Events

The New Year Tree

Last Christmas we started a new tradition …

We wanted to see the New Year in with all our pals! But all our pals were all over the world. So we thought of a very special way to do this … We started a new tradition of our own New Year Tree.

We invited everyone to send in a message for the tree. We then put the message into a little envelope on the tree. And by New Year’s Day the tree was covered in the beautiful gold envelopes full of messages from all around the world. We then turned the messages into a special post for New Year’s Day, and we saw the New Year in with everyone!

We would love it if you would see the New Year in with us again and send us your messages for the tree.

What is your message for the tree?! Well, they can be all sorts of wonderful things, from New Year’s resolutions, to challenges for acts of kindness, or reports of your own acts of kindness and support. It might be a favourite saying or inspiration. Or it might be wonders you have witnessed, or wishes you are wishing, or memories you are keeping and others you are making.

Whatever your message may be, it is a tree of memories, motivations, magic, and more …

Every time we receive a message we will tie a gold ribbon to the tree. And then all the messages will be brought together in a special New Year’s Day post so we can see the New Year in together!

We decided to use ribbons this year because the addition of a ribbon is such a meaningful symbol all around the world. It means you care.

So please send your messages any which way you like – tweet us @BeThatDog or post it to our Facebook page or email us at woof@bethatdog.com or you can even mail it to us at Be That Dog, PO Box 73042, London, N1P 1TH

Let’s see the New Year in together. And let’s make it a good year. A year full of caring.


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