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Woof Weekly!


Welcome to another week of our weekly ruff roundup!


Find everything in park and society news, fashion favourites, celebrity dog gossip, entertainment and dog-friendly, and much much more!

And remember, each week we will feature a friend in our #BeThatHotDog section. Send us your best pic with #BeThatHotDog to Twitter or Instagram @BeThatDog or post it to Facebook @BeThatDog or email us at woof@bethatdog.com

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The World This Week (our week in pictures)

The Six Must-See Woof Looks of the Week

Huw Wore It Better

B**** Stole My Look

Hot Dog Ticket

img_0692This week’s hot dog ticket is Euphorium Bakery Cafe in Islington.

Packed with lots of yummy Christmas fare, from ginger biscuit sandwiches to stollen logs, it keeps the humans happy too! And Aubrey made friends with another little pooch who was visiting too. Deliciously fun!

Euphorium is famous for its wonderful cakes and amazing array of breads, I think it is time they added  to the menu some dog treats for us! They would be amazing!

A Little Beddie Told Me

Gossip, Entertainment, Lifestyle News – by Huw Le Lytle

Betty Bear has had her hair copied by her human, Robbie Williams. Robbie is apparently a singer and entertainer, but his career has gone a bit southbound, artistically speaking. Rumour has it that he thinks a bit of stylistic direction from his somewhat more famous dog will give him the boost he needs. But he will need to stop wearing so much shiny gold if he is really going to pull off the daring makeover.

Tickets are still available to the Christmas party of the season, the Mayhew Animal Home’s Tinsel and Tails Fundraiser this Tuesday evening at the Grand Connaught Rooms in Holborn, London. So if you want to rub shoulders with some of the stars of rescue, hurry and get your ticket today!

And finally, Guy wore a Union Jack sweater this week. His human is an actress whose oeuvre is largely limited to the Hallmark Channel. She is also dating a local lad and apparently has a pair of Hunter boots.

Be that Hot Dog!

img_0704This week’s Hot Dog is Sir Kingfish Highball Beauregard. Kingfish is an 8 year old Bloodhound (he says the name is misleading as he does not chase blood) who lives in West Virginia, USA! He moved in with his family, Halloween 2008, and apparently he has done well in the treats ever since, and even has a few tricks in his repertoire.

Kingfish enjoys counter-surfing, human dragging, nose-ploughing, snow-diving, thrashing (a manoeuvre he devised to wriggle out of cuddles, for which he is nicknamed “The Thrasher”), and singing.

Kingfish is also a strategic thinker. When his human took him to obedience class he devised an ingenious way to ensure he never had to go back. He carefully hooked the lead to his foot so securely that they thought it would be an emergency trip to the vet. But calling in back-up and a set of sidecutters, Kingfish was eventually emancipated. But the drama was such that Kingfish marked this occasion by peeing and pooping on his human. And he never went back to obedience class again …


Will you be the next Hot Dog? Send in your pooch pic showing off your best style and tell us a bit about yourself using Twitter or Instagram @BeThatDog with #BeThatHotDog or post to Facebook @BeThatDog or email us at woof@bethatdog.com and we will feature a new stylish friend every week!

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