30 for 30

Dark Matters, with Smurf

I’m Smurf. And what is fear of the dark but simply a love of the spotlight!

I like to think that finding my human will be a bit like finding that spotlight.

First, finally I will have the attention on me that I have been missing. I was abandoned in the dark, but I am going to be basking in the spotlight when I finally find my home. The right human will help me shine and I will never look back at the dark!

And just like a spotlight, my new human won’t let me disappear into the dark again. They will follow me everywhere. I think that’s why them sometimes call a spotlight a followspot. Or maybe a follow Smurf!

And of course, I will finally get rid of my fear of the dark. Because I will always be the focus of everyone’s attention. And I will never be abandoned in the dark again.

If you would like to put me in the spotlight, please contact Glendee Dog Rescue to adopt one of the most special dogs you will ever meet. In fact, I will probably steal the show!



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