30 for 30

Kika’s Tail of Adventures

My tail has an amazing social life.

Since getting rescued I have made so many new friends. True friendship is such a wonderful thing. I have discovered friends that are kind, that are understanding, that are loyal. And that’s just the humans! But it’s true, I love making friends, and I love meeting new dogs.

I love my new friends so much that I do get a little worried when they leave me. I guess it is understandable, I was abandoned in Spain, ended up in the Perrera, and almost lost my life. And not once did my first “friends” ever wonder what happened to me. But my new and true friends are different. Gradually I’m learning the nature of true friendship. True friends never leave you. And sometimes they even come back with treats!

And my tail has so much to say to my new friends. My tail shows my gratitude, my happiness, my hesitation, my questions. And my new friends always listen.

But the one new friend my tail still hasn’t met is the friend that will take me home. My tail asks everyone who walks past my kennel, are you the one? But so far no-one has stopped and said yes.

If you really value true friendship, I am sure you will find no friendship truer than mine. I may not be a fancy breed, or know many tricks, or have fancy connections. But I will be your friend. And I promise you, that will be amazing.

If you want the truest friend, then please contact Terrier SOS UK to adopt me. And then you will really know true beauty.




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