That's Jeffervescent!

These Socks Were Made For Walking!

That’s Jeffervescent! – by Jefferson Airplane

These are walking socks.

The name is actually very misleading, because these socks cannot walk at all. They have to be applied to feet first.

I actually like socks of all descriptions. Clean socks, dirty socks, fancy socks, short socks, long socks, and … of course … walking socks.

I have a lot of different maneouvres too. The basic maneouvre is simply grabbing balled-up socks straight out of the washing. Clean or dirty, I don’t mind. Another approach is the one where you work with your environment. For instance, humans often drop socks, making them readily available for an opportunistic sock stealer. There is also the stealth grab, where I grab a loose sock end soon as as I see it, sometimes when Human is still wearing it or in the process of taking the sock off. But carelessless is your friend when trying to steal socks. Bathroom floors are sometimes excellent sources of socks.

As for walking socks, they are probably the high end of socks as far as I am concerned. They are usually thicker and much more exciting to chew to pieces than, for instance, dress socks, which are almost disappointingly wispy by comparison. I can finish those off in no time at all. But walking socks are a whole different story. Destroying a pair of walking socks takes opportunity, commitment, and sheer Jeffervescence.

A stray walking sock? That’s Jeffervescent!

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