Howard's Way Ahead

Love London

Howard’s Way Ahead – by Howard Spring

Today I discovered that I like pieces of apple, that some baths make me smell like blueberries, that after my bath I dry more quickly than Stay Dry technologies even though I get wet first, that after my bath I dry even more quickly if I enjoy some zoomies on the roof, that Human lets me sniff every tree all the way to Regent Street, that Regent Street is like a dog park for humans, that humans of all kinds like to swarm in thousands in Regent Street, that I am allowed in all the good stores because all the good stores are dog-friendly, that the best stores let me sit on the sofa (especially if we know the manager), that the best stores bring me my own water bowl, that there are even more people out there who love my patch, that people also love my name, that I can’t stop my tail wagging when nice people say hello, that I fall asleep in black cabs, that I love London black cabs, that I love the London Taxi Company black cabs best … that I love London!


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