That's Jeffervescent!

On Line, In Touch

That’s Jeffervescent! – by Jefferson Airplane

I like cuddles. In fact, I like them so much that my nickname is cuddle monkey. Mainly because I throw myself into cuddles, like Jeff of the Jungle, swinging between trees.

Now I know there have been studies on dogs and hugs that say dogs don’t like hugs. But dogs do like touch. And there are a lot of studies on that too. And those studies say we like to be touched and petted sometimes more than anything else.

What’s important is the difference between a touch and a touch too much. I’m not talking about a squeeze where I can’t get away, like an uninvited bear hug. Nobody likes that. I mean a cuddle. I mean jumping on Human and getting a tickle, our own little mutual adoration society.

Nobody needs a stranglehold. But everybody needs a cuddle.

Today we lost a special doggy pal, suddenly and unexpectedly. We knew our pal via Facebook, so it seems we can’t give a cuddle now when it is most needed. But that makes me wonder. Maybe we actually can give cuddles over the internet. I don’t just mean a message or an emoji. I mean a cuddle through the keyboard. Maybe there is more to this idea of “keeping in touch.”

So when they are ready, I hope our missing pal’s humans can put their fingers on the keyboard and think really hard and sense my cuddle coming through.

Because everybody needs a cuddle.

A real virtual cuddle? Now that “really” is Jeffervescent.


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