That's Jeffervescent!

Box Office

That’s Jeffervescent! – by Jefferson Airplane

The Lookout Library (aka office) is full of some wonderful things. Apart from our box of toys there are papers I can shred, books I can “read” and, possibly the most wonderful of all, the occasional box.

Now, boxes are less common than the piles of paper or towers of books, so when a delicious one comes along it is a really great day!

Today, Howard found a rather lovely little box on the shelf. Perhaps it was on the shelf because Human was saving it. Well, that’s the stuff of nostalgia now, because the box is now a box office bomb. It was wonderful because, thinking outside the box, we bounced it, we chased it, and we chewed it to bits!

Apparently they make cardboard pet carriers. Can you imagine? I would eat my way through one like a pocket-sized Cujo!

A cardboard box? That’s Jeffervescent!

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