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Dogs Are All Talk

That’s News To Me!

Daily dog news from around the globe …

It’s true, dogs do have a lot to say but only to those who will listen.

Some clever humans have tested other humans to see if they can understand dog, and it turns out that some humans are getting very good (finally) at getting the message. They’re learning! A growl is not a growl is not a growl. In fact, we have quite a lot of things to say if only humans would take the trouble to listen. And I’m pleased to hear that a lot of humans can actually understand us. Sometimes when we are playing down the park, or playing the “aarrr-aarrr” game, Human describes our shorter, playful growls as our version of laughter. And as the researchers have shown, there are times to take us seriously, and times to play along. But whatever we are saying, make sure you listen. Don’t tell a dog to stop growling. Instead, think about why it might have something to say.


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