Is That A Fact

All Hat and No Cattle

Is That A Fact!?

Aubrey Beardsley’s “On This Day” fun facts and trivia

On this day, in 1984, Bobby Ewing was killed off in the television show, Dallas …

But don’t worry, turns out it was all a dream. In fact the whole season was a dream. It was like Elon Musk got involved and just undid time.

Dallas was a show about very rich people who argued all the time and had oil and some cattle. Although I am told it was mostly all hat and no cattle. Anyway, arguing all the time was so crucial to the Dallas story-line that it featured in Only Fools and Horses, when Albert compares an argument between Del Boy and Rodney to a bust-up between the Ewing brothers. If you were referenced in Only Fools and Horses, you would know you’d made it. So I think Dallas must have been a very significant show.

Dallas also features in Ozzy Osbourne’s 1986 music video for “The Ultimate Sin”, when Ozzy plays JR Ewing and owns a company called Ozzy Oil.

Speaking of Ozzy Osbourne, New Jersey’s Country Cow Creamery announced some special Osbourne ice cream flavours on this very day in 2004 – Ozzy’s Carnivorous Carrot Cake and Death by Sharon (which is mostly dark chocolate, so it possibly would be to any unsuspecting dog). Oh come on Sharon!

Ozzy Osbourne reportedly once said, “Could be worse … I could be Sting.”

And that’s a fact!


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